About New Delhi Financial.

ABOUT NEW DELHI FINANCIAL Money is not everything in life, but it certainly has the power to make your business and personal dreams come true. Whether you are a business or an individual, whether you need a short-term or a…

About New Delhi Financial.




Money is not everything in life, but it certainly has the power to make your business and personal dreams come true. Whether you are a business or an individual, whether you need a short-term or a long-term loan, we are the company for you.


NDF was founded by Nitin Khandelwal in 2013. Nitin worked with Standard Chartered Bank for more than six years before identifying a service gap in the market. There was a need to create a dynamic and professionally managed online portal to swiftly meet the ongoing financing requirements for businesses and individuals alike. And that, in effect, defines our purpose of existence.


We have put together an infrastructure of people, processes, and systems to ensure that you get the right money at the right time and at the best possible cost. We offer the entire financing options for businesses and individuals, which includes (but is not restricted to) the following:
· Home Loans
· Business Loans
· Personal Loans
· Auto Loan
· Working Capital Finance
· Loan against Property


We help clients across the country acquire the credit they need. When you decide that you need funds, be it for personal or business purposes, all you do is contact us (via our website, helpline, or a WhatsApp message).

At NDF, we believe in understanding your requirements before we recommend anything. Therefore, you will be requested by our loan advisor to fill an online application form.

As soon as you submit the online application, the information flows to an expert NDF credit analyst who evaluates your profile and assesses your eligibility for the required loan.

Rather than waste time and effort in submitting multiple applications to different institutions, we narrow it down for you. We evaluate the top three financial institutions and banks most likely to approve the loan you require. With your consent, we send the applications electronically to the chosen lending institutions.

FACT – 75% of loan applications submitted by to lending institutions are approved within 3 days.

We continue to track the loan application until approval. As soon as the loan is approved, we connect with you to complete the loan disbursement requirements of the approving financial institution or bank.

Please view this video to understand how we make the experience of applying for a loan so much smoother for you.


1. A technology-driven company – Every loan application is entered into our proprietary loan software and tracked until it is approved by a lending bank. Minimal reliance on paper processing means that your financial information is safe with us.
2. We offer upfront credit assessment – We use a financial tool to assess your profile as a borrower and calculate the amount of loan that most banks will be willing to lend.
3. We know what banks want – We are in constant communication with lending banks and financial institutions to keep abreast of any changes in lending policies. Changes in a bank’s lending criteria are quickly incorporated in our systems.
4. Faster loan approval – Our targeted loan application approach means we have a higher straight-through loan approval rate than our competitors.
5. The entire range of lending products – We aspire to partner with you across different stages of your life and business, which is why we offer the whole gamut of lending products.


As an organisation, everything we do is guided by the following principles –
 Sincerity, at all times – We are committed to being sincere in every aspect of our dealings with clients.
 Work smart, not just hard – We work smart for our clients and not just hard. With the focus on getting things right the first time, we ensure that clients get the loan funds at the earliest possible.
 Swift but accurate – We know the dynamic nature of the financial services industry. Our people, processes, and systems are geared to adapt quickly so that we get it right the first time.
 Security and privacy – We have created system and process controls to ensure complete confidentiality of client documents and information.
Contact us to know more. We are just a click away.

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