Me and My Song SE1 EP1 ~ “Me and My Song”

Me & My Song ® SE1 EP1 “Me and My Song” YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO “Me and My Song” HERE: OR Get a Limited Edition shirt with this month’s song name printed on it (as well as other…

Me and My Song SE1 EP1 ~ "Me and My Song"



Me & My Song ® SE1 EP1 “Me and My Song”


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Jessica breaks it down about why “Me and My Song” exists and literally fights an uphill battle just to express herself! She’s about done it all as a musician and it has left her asking herself some of life’s most difficult and pesky little questions. Questions like: “What am I doing all of this for?” and “What if I die tomorrow?” Now, she’s making her own space inside of cyberspace – a show called “Me and My Song”. Because ultimately, she has concluded that she’d really just like to put a little something in to this world that leaves it a bit better than how she found it. She just wants to leave the gift of … you guessed it: music.


Join Jessica Leia and her sidekick/bass guitar player, Rob McCloskey, on this week’s installment of “Me and My Song” down at the Chopping Block! Enjoy watching as they try to figure out how many chords are in this song before they perform it for you LIVE! Get a mini music education with discussions on how a song is simply made up of the sum of its parts and how ending on the Subdominant makes a song sound like it doesn’t end. WHAT?? Don’t worry, Jessica will explain it all just as soon as she finishes chopping this yam in half! And after all of that, there really isn’t much left to do except treat the audience with a tasty performance of the song. Yummy fun. (Yes, yams WERE harmed in the making of this video).


Jessica and the band head on over to WAM Studios in San Francisco, CA for a recording session where you get to learn what happens during sound check and what you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow. Meanwhile, Jessica learns that “don’t leave home without it” applies more to keyboards, then it does to credit cards, as she struggles to record the piano portion of this season’s title track “Me and My Song” on a keyboard that is not her own. It only takes about a million takes before she decides to record it all over again somewhere else! Pshh … artists.


Technical difficulties!! Whenever they happen, it’s usually a good idea to just go and do some jumping jacks… Wha? Well, that’s what Jessica does over at Laughing Tiger Studios, where she is recording the final vocals for this Season’s track title: “Me and My Song”. Joined by producer Frank Dorritie, who informs Jessica of when she is and is not allowed to breathe. There will also be a small staff that Jessica happily bosses around while she takes you behind the scenes to watch how it goes down in a recording studio! Oh yeah, and then there’s that whole awesome music video thing at the end when you get to hear the song that Jessica just recorded!

Copyright 2018 © Jessica Leia Written, directed, edited and produced by Jessica Leia
All sound effects by Jessica Leia or complements of

“Me and My Song” is an honest, vulnerable and determined ballad – a love story between one woman and the music that keeps her alive. In this studio performance, you will hear Jessica Leia’s powerful vocals, backed by a full band. The song has an airy, rock ballad feel, with bright keys and guitars reminiscent of U2. The rich music and vocals paint a rugged yet tender portrait in this most heartfelt theme song.

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“Me And My Song” SOLO



* Jessica Leia on Vocals and Piano
* Mixed by Dean Kattari

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UPC BarCode: 193428485105

“Me and My Song” LIVE


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“Me and My Song” (Studio Version)
* Jessica Leia on Vocals and Piano
* Rich DiBenedetto on Drums
* Rob McCloskey on Bass Guitar
* Dean Kattari on Lead and Acoustic Guitars
* Mixed by Steve Savage
* Produced by Jessica Leia
* Tracking Session Producer: Frank Dorritie
* Tracking Session Engineer: Erin Tadena

ISRC: uscgj1934569
UPC BarCode: 193428795761

“Me and My Song”
Copyright © 2017 Jessica Leia

“Me & My Song” ® is a registered ™ of Jessica Leia. All rights reserved.

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