Metawhat? | How Real Is The Future Of Real Estate? | The Future Of Real | Webinar Series

Hosted by MetaHub ► ► Follow Us ► History is filled with moments of dramatic change and it is often the case that we only full appreciate the gravity of that change in retrospect. Although it is not…

Hosted by MetaHub ► ► Follow Us ►

History is filled with moments of dramatic change and it is often the case that we only full appreciate the gravity of that change in retrospect. Although it is not clear whether we are at the beginning of a New World Order, one underpinned by a highly sophisticated decentralised financial system, what is apparent is the increasingly widespread acceptance that elements of these systems have and will continue to enter our day to day. In order to fully grasp the potential ramifications of this new paradigm, we must first get grips with the basics of what is a new and complex set of tools.

In the opening session we will take a Macro view of the most exciting technological trends and then deep dive into a few, exploring their real world applications.


Jamie Brett ►

In 2020, Jamie founded Cerebration, a social enterprise that provides equitable training opportunities, to design, develop and deliver meaningful learning interventions that also have a social impact. In 2021 Jamie launched two subsequent enterprises, Metahub that designs Virtual Reality experiences in the Metaverse and Mental Health Training that delivers Mental Health First Aid training to schools, charities and youth organisations.

James Morris-Manuel ►

James started his career in Commercial and Residential Property then chose the path of an entrepreneur and started Virtual Walkthrough. After building the business up to the number one in EMEA, he sold the company to Matterport. He is now responsible for leading Matterport’s EMEA business where he has seen the EMEA business triple in size in the last 2 years. As an expert on 3D and VR, he regularly attends and talks at tech events and has become a regular commentator in Estates Gazette and Property Week.

Luke Gniwecki ►

Luke is a product professional with 10+ years of experience including 4+ years of building products in the crypto and blockchain space. His past experience includes launching a token at a crypto startup and later working at a blockchain R&D company developing blockchain solutions for governments and the fintech sector. Luke currently works as Head of Product at Boson Protocol building web3 products for the Metaverse and beyond.


Elliot Gold ►

Elliot is Co-Founder at UK based flex workspace provider, Work.Life. Regular commentator on flex workspace and the future of work. With 2 previous ventures and past roles in 6 countries, he has seen the best and the worst in workplace culture and engagement and is committed to redefining for the better the workspace experience for their 4,000 members. He’s passionately curious and particularly interested in Web 3.0 & the current ‘metamania’ and how this impacts the workspace sector, now and in the future. Elliot lives in North London with his wife and 2 year old daughter.

Michael Marciano ►

Michael has spent the best part of the last decade at the intersection between real estate and technology. As an early proponent of the industry’s need to modernise and work more collaboratively, he founded and exited the UK’s first real time crowdsourcing data platform for the commercial real estate sector. Additionally, in a bid to raise the profile of these important conversations he founded and ran the UK’s largest monthly in person meet up events focused around innovation in real estate. Presently Michael is Product Director at EG where he oversees the strategy for the company’s portfolio of products and believes that through working collaboratively, with a design led and data driven mindset, the industry can solve its biggest challenges, whilst taking advantage of its greatest opportunities.