The Worst Fake Elon Scam | QUANTUM AI SCAM

Synopsis: This has to be one of the worst scams I have ever seen, in about five minutes I was able to get a free text to speech accent that was at least South African. Quantum AI is set to…

The Worst Fake Elon Scam  |  QUANTUM AI SCAM




This has to be one of the worst scams I have ever seen, in about five minutes I was able to get a free text to speech accent that was at least South African. Quantum AI is set to revolutionise the stock space by utilising state of the art quantum technology, boasting an eye watering 91% rate on successful trades, and can net you between 2k to 3k a day. Of course it can’t do any of that, but why do I even need to say, like who was this going to fool. However, in the future I do envision scammers utilising better more convincing AI technology to create fake Elon impersonations to push their crappy crypto / stock projects.

Please let me know if you find any.

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